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Using a solar installer who’s also a roofing expert will help protect your investment in your home.

Only 2% of roofing contractors have qualified as GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractors — and an even smaller percentage will become GAF Solar Elite Contractors. As a GAF Solar Elite Contractor, we know not only how solar installations affect your roof, but also how to install them properly — to help protect the integrity of your roof.

Before we earn our stripes as GAF Solar Elite Contractors, We have to earn the trust of their communities. As a contractor Sunset Builders has demonstrated that we are:

  • Financially strong
  • Properly licensed, in states where licensing is required
  • Properly insured
  • Known for an established history of installing roofs in the local community
  • Committed to factory-sponsored and ongoing professional training

As a GAF Solar Elite Contractor, we are an established professional solar roofing company. We stay on top of the latest materials, technologies, and techniques.

The Solar Panel Decision

For over 125 years, GAF has been helping people improve and protect the value of their homes by optimizing their roofs. Solar roofing from GAF can help optimize your roof even more. Here’s why:

You could pay less for power right away. Solar simply makes financial sense. With solar roofing, you may pay less than your current utility rate. Recent studies have shown that solar-generated electricity is currently cheaper than electricity from the grid in 42 of the 50 largest U.S. cities. Your actual electricity savings will depend on your energy usage, location, utility company, effects of tiered pricing, electricity pricing regulations, surcharges, availability of incentives in your area, and other variables.

Your home may be worth more. Installation of a solar electric power system may increase the value of your home. A comprehensive home resale study sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy observes an average premium of $15,000 for residential properties installed with solar electrical power systems.

You’re actually changing the world around you. Sustainable, renewable solar electricity reduces pollution in the air and carbon emissions worldwide. A typical 5kW system eliminates more than 4.8 metric tons of CO2 emissions every year. That’s equal to burning about 10 fewer gallons of gas every week or taking one car off the road every year.

Your tax dollars come back home! If you purchase a solar roof, a 30% federal tax credit, a 25% state tax credit, and NYSERDA grant money could offset much of your installation cost. For available state incentives, go to the national database of solar incentives.

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