Versetta Stone® panelized stone veneer is in keeping with our high standard of excellence. With no need to paint, coat or seal, it is backed by a 50-year limited warranty including one-time transferability.


Why Versetta Stone?

The Versetta Stone palette is inspired by colors and textures found around the world. Cast in molds and hand-colored with iron oxide pigments, we capture the subtle nuances found in nature.

Versetta Stones highly durable products need no paint, coating or sealers, and are back by a 50-year limited warranty including one-year transferability.

Versetta Stone is made of lightweight aggregate materials that are approximately ¼ the weight of the full-thickness stone. The lightweight, mechanical fastening system allows the builder to install Versetta Stone without building footings for support, making it ideal for home remodeling where time and budget are a consideration.

Versetta Stone Residential Siding

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